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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 57

1 b He compareth the afflictions, which God layeth vpon his children, to a storme, that commeth & goeth.

1 a This was ether the beginning of a certeine song, or the wordes, which Dauid vttered, when he stayed his affection.

1 ! David being in the desert of Ziph, where the inhabitants did betraye him, & at length in the same caue with Saul.

2 ! Calleth moste earnestly vnto God with ful confidence, that he wil performe his promes & take his cause in hand

3 d He wolde rather deliuer me by a miracle, then that I shulde be ouercome.

5 ! Also that he wil shew his glorie in the heauens and the earth against his cruel enemies.

5 f Suffer me not to be destroyed to the contempt of thy Name.

6 g For verie feare, seing the great dangers on all sides.

7 h That is, wholly bent to giue thee praise for my deliuerance.

8 i He sheweth that bothe his heart shal praise God and his tongue shal confesse him, and also that he wil vse other meanes to prouoke him self forwarde to the same.

10 k Thy mercies do not onely apperteine to the Jewes, but also to the Gentiles.