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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 58

1 ! He describeth the malice of his enemies, the flatterers of Saul, who bothe secretly & openly soght his destruction, from whome he appealeth to Gods judgement,

1 a Ye counselers of Saul, who vnder pretence of consulting for the commune welth conspire my death being an innocent.

2 b Ye are not ashamed to execute the crueltie publikely, which ye haue imagined in your hearts.

3 c That is, enemies to the people of God euen from their birth.

4 d They passe in malice, and subtiltie the craftie serpent which colde preserue him selfe by stopping his care from the inchanter.

6 e Take away all occasions & means, wherby they hurt.

7 f Considering Gods diuine power he sheweth that God in a moment can destroye their force, whereof, they bragge.

9 g As flesh is taken rawe out of the post before the water seeth: so he desireth God to destroye their entreprises before thei bring them to passe.

10 i Their punishment & slaughter shalbe so great.

10 ! Shewing that the just shal rejoyce when they se the punishement of the wicked to the glorie of God.

11 k Seing God gouerneth all by his prouidence. he must nedes put difference betwene the godlie, and the wicked.