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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 51

1 a To reproue him because he had committed so horrible sinnes, and lied in the same without repentance more then a whole yere.

1 b As his sinnes were manifolde & great so he requireth that God wolde giue him the feling of his excellent and abundant mercies.

1 ! When Dauid was rebuked by the Prophet Nathan, for his great offences, he did not onely acknowledge the same to God with protestation of his natural corruption and iniquitie,but also left a memorial thereof to his posteritie.

2 c My sinnes sticke so fast in me, that I haue nede of some singular kinde of washing.

3 d My counscience accuseth me, so that I can haue no rest, til I be reconciled.

4 e When thou giuest sentence against sinners, thei must nedes confesse thee to be just and them selues sinners.

6 f He confesseth that God, who loueth purenes of heart, maie justely destroy man, who of nature, who of nature is a sinner, much more him, whome he had instructed in his heauenlie wisdome.

7 ! Therefore first he desireth God to forgiue his sinnes,

8 h By the bones he vnderstandeth all strength of foule and bodie, which by cares and mourning are consumed.

8 g He meaneth Gods comfortable mercies towards repentant sinners.

10 i He confesseth that when Gods Spirit is colde in vs, to haue it againe reuiued is as a new creation.

12 k Which maie assure me that I am drawen out of the sclauerie of sinne.

13 ! With promes that he wil not be unmindeful of those great graces.

13 l He promiseth to endeuour that others by his example may turne to God.

14 m From the murder of Vriiah, and the the others that were slaine with him, {2Sam. 11:17}

15 n By giuing me occasion to praise thee, when thou shalt forgiue my sinnes.

17 o Which is a wounding of the heart, proceding of faith, which seketh vnto God for mercie.

18 ! Finally fearing lest God wolde punish the whole Church for his faute, he requireth that he wolde rather increase his graces towards the same.

18 p He praieth for the whole Church, because through his sinne it was in danger of Gods judgement.

19 q That is, just & lawful, applied to their right end, which is the exercise of faith & repentance.