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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 50

1 ! Because the Church is alwaie ful of hypocrites.

1 a Who was ether the autor, or a chief singer, to whome it was conmitted.

1 b To plead against his dissembling people before heauen and earth.

2 c Because God had chosen it to haue his Name there called vpon, and also his image shined there in the doctrine of the Law.

3 d As when God gaue his Law in mount Sinai, he appeared terrible with thunder and tempest, so wil he appeare terrible to rake a count of the keping thereof.

5 f God in respect of his elect, calleth the whole bodie holie , Saints & his people.

5 g Which shulde knowe that sacrifices are seales of the couenant betwene God and his people, and not set religion therein.

8 ! Which do imagine that God wilbe worshiped with outward ceremonies onely, without the heart: and especially the Jewes were of this opinion, because of their figures and ceremonies of the Law, thinking that their sacrifices were sufficient.

8 h For I passe not for sacrifices, except the true vse be there, which is to confirme your faith in my promise.

10 i Thogh he did delite in sacrifice, yet had he no nede of mans helpe thereunto.

13 k Thogh mans life for the infirmitie thereof hathe nede of fode, yet God, whose life quickneth all the worlde, hathe no nede of suche meanes.

14 l Shew thy self mindeful of Gods benefites by thankesgiueing.

16 m Why doest thou faine to be of my people and talkest of my couenant, seing thou are but an hypocrite?

18 o He sheweth what are the frutes of them that contemne Gods word.

20 p He noteth the crueltie of hypocrites, which spare not in their talke or judgement their owne mothers sonne.

21 q I wil write all thy wicked dedes in a role and make thee to read & acknoledge them whether thou wilt or no.

21 ! Therefore the Prophet doeth reproue this grosse errour & pronounceth the Name of God to be blasphemed, where holines is set in creemonies.

23 ! For he declareth the worship of God to be spiritual, whereof are two principal partes, inuocation, & thankesgiuing.

23 t That is, declare my self to be his Sauiour.

23 s As God hathe appointed.

23 r Vnder the which is conteined faith and inuocation.