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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 49

1 a He wil intreat how God gouerneth the worlde by his prouidence which cannot be perceiued by the judgement of the flesh.

1 ! The holie Gost calleth all men to the consideration of mans life.

5 b Thogh wickednes reigne & enemies rage, seing God wil execute his judgements against the wicked in time conuenient.

6 c To trust in riches is more madnes, seing they can nether restore life nor prolong it.

7 ! Shewing them not to be moste blessed that are moste wealthie, & therefore not to be feared: but contrary wise he lifteth up our mindes to consider how all things are ruled by Gods prouidence:

8 d That is, so rare, or not to be founde, as prophecie was pretious in the daies of Eli, {1 Sam. 3,1}

8 e Meaning, it is impossible to liue for euer: also that life and death are onely in Gods hands.

10 f In that that death maketh no difference betwene the persones.

10 g That is, not to their children, but to strangers. Yet the wicked profit not by these examples, but stil dreame an immortalitie in earth.

11 / Or, Labeur that their name may be famouse in earth.

13 ! So doeth he preserue his & wil rewarde them in the day of the resurrection {2 Thess. 1,6}

13 i They speake & do the same thing that their fathers did.

14 l Because they haue no parte of life euerlasting.

14 ! Who as he judgeth these worldie ministers to euerlasting torments.

14 m Christs comming is as the morning, when the elect shal reigne with Christ their head ouer the wicked.

14 k As shepe are gathered into the folde, so shal thei be broght to the graue.

18 / Or, his soule.

18 m The flatterers praise them that liue in delites & pleasures.

19 o Bothe thei & their fathers shal liue here but a while & at length dye for euer.

19 n And not passe terme appointed for life.

20 p He condemneth mans ingratitude, who hauing receiued excellent giftes of God, abuseth them like a beast to his owne condemnacion.