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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 48

1 ! A notable deliuerance of Jerusalem from the hand of manie Kings is mentioned, for the which thankes are giuen to God, and the state of that citie is praised, that hathe God so presently at all times readie to defend them. The Psalme semeth to be made in the time of Ahaz, Joshaphat, Asa or Ezechiah, for in their times chiefly was the citie by foren princes assalted.

1 a Some put this difference betwene a song and Psalme saying that it is called a song, when there is no instrument but the voice: and the psalme, the contrary. The song of the Psalme is when the instruments beginne, & the voice followeth. The Psalm of the song, the contrary.

1 b Albeit, God shew his wonders through all the worlde, yet he wil be chiefly praised in his Church.

2 c Because the worde of saluation came thence to all them that shulde beleue.

3 d Except God were the defence thereof, nether situacion nor municion colde preuaile.

5 f The enemies were afraid at the sight of the Citie.

7 g That is, of Cilcia, or of the sea called Mediterraneum

8 h To wit, of our fathers, so haue we prouen: or, God hauthe performed his promes.

10 i In all places where thy Name shalbe heard of men hsal priase thee, when thei heare of thy maruelos workes.

11 k Let Jerusalem & the cities of Judea rejoyce for thy just judgements against thine enemies.

12 l For in this outward defence & strength Gods blessings did also appeare: but the chief is to be referred to Gods fauour and secret defence, who neuer leaueth his.