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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 50

A psalm of Asaph.

1 THe mighty God, the Lord hath spoke,

and he the earth doth call,

from the uprising of the Sun,

thereof unto the fall.

2 The mighty God hath clearly shinn’d

out of the mount Sion,

which is of beauty excellent

the full perfection.

3 Our God shall come, and not be still

fire shall waste in his sight;

and round about him shall be rais’d

a storm of vehement might.

4 His folk to judge he from above

calls heavens, and earth likewise,

5 Bring me my Saints, that cov’nant make

with me by sacrifice.

6 And the heavens shall his righteousness

shew forth apparently:

because the mighty God himself

a righteous judge will be. Selah.


7 Hear, o my people, and I will

speak, I will testify

also to thee o Israel,

I even thy God am I.

8 As for thy sacrifices I

will find no fault with thee,

or thy burnt off’rings, which have been

at all times before me.

9 Ile take no bullocks, nor he-goats

from house, or folds of thine.

10 For forest beasts, and cattle all

on thousand hills are mine.

11 The flying fouls of the mountains

all of them do I know:

and every wild beast of the field

it is with me also.

12 If I were hungry I would not

it unto thee declare:

for mine the habitable world,

and fullness of it are.

13 Of bullocks eat the flesh, or drink

the blood of goats will I?

14 Thanks offer unto God, and pay

thy vows to the most high.

15 And in the day of trouble sore

do thou unto me cry,

and I will thee deliver, and

thou me shalt glorify.


16 But to the wicked God saith, why
dost thou the mention make

of my statutes, why in thy mouth

should’st thou my cov’nant take?

17 Sith thou dost hate teaching and dost

my words behind thee cast.

18 When thou didst see a thief, then thou

with him consented hast;

And likewise with adulterers

thy part hath been the same.

19 Thy mouth to evil thou dost give,

and guile thy tongue doth frame,

20 Thou fittest, thou dost speak against

the man that is thy brother:

and thou dost slander him that is

the son of thine own mother.

21 These things hast thou committed, and

in silence I kept close:

that I was altogether like

thy self, thou didst suppose:

I’ll thee reprove, and in order

before thine eyes them set.

22 O therefore now consider this

ye that do God forget:

Lest I you tear, and there be not

any deliverer.

23 He glorifieth me that doth

praise unto me offer.

24 And he that doth order aright

his conversation,

to him will I give that he may

see Gods salvation.