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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 39

1 a This was one of the chief, singers, {1. Chr. 16,41}.

1 ! Dauid vttereth with what great grief & bitternes of minde he was driuen to these outragious complaints of his infirmities.

1 b Albeit he had appointed with him self paciently to haue taryed Gods leasure, yet the vehemencie of his peine caused him to breake his purpose.

2 ! For he confesseth that when he had determined silence, that he brast forthe yet into wordes that he wolde not, through the greatnes of his grief.

2 c Thogh when the wicked ruled, he thoght to haue kept silence, yet his zeale caused him to change his minde.

3 d He confesseth that he grudged against God considering the greatnes of his sorowes, & the shortnes of his life.

4 ! Then he rehearseth certeine requestes which taste of the infirmitie of man.

5 e Yet Dauid offended in that that he reasoned with God, as thogh that he were to seuere towarde his weake creature.

8 ! And mixeth with them manie prayers: but all do shewe a mind wonderfully troubled, that it maye plainely appeare how he did strive mightely against death and desperation.

8 f Make me not a mocking stocke to the wicked, or wrap me not vp with the wicked, when they are put to shame.

9 g Seing my troubles came of thy prouidence, I oght to haue endured them paciently.

11 h Thogh thine open plagues light not euermore vpon them, yet thy secret cursse continually freteth them.

11 i The worde signifieth all that he desireth, as health, force, strength, beautie, and in whatsoeuer he hathe delite, so that the rod of God taketh away all that is desired in this worlde.

13 k For his sorow caused him to thinke that God wolde destroy him vtterly: whereby we se how hard it is for the verie Saintes to kepe a measure in their wordes, when death & despaire assaile them.