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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 38

1 b He desireth not to be exempted from Gods rod, but that he wolde so moderate his hand, that he might be able to beare it.

1 a To put him self & others in minde of Gods chastisement for sinne.

1 ! Dauid lying sicke of some grieuous disease acknowledgeth him self to be chastised of the Lord for his sinnes, & therefore praieth God to turne away his wrath.

2 c Thy sickenes, wherewith thou hast visited me.

3 d Dauid acknowledgeth God to be juste in his punishments because his sins had deserued muche more.

4 e He confesseth his sins, Gods justice, & maketh prayer his refuge.

5 f That rather gaue place to mine owne lustes, then to the wil of God.

5 ! He vttereth the greatnes of his grief by manie wordes & circumstances, as wounded with the arrowes of Gods ire forsaken of his friends, euil intreated of his enemies.

6 / Or, blacke, as one that is disfigured & consumed with sicknes.

8 g This example warneth vs neuer to despaire, be the torment neuer so great: but alwaies to crye vnto God with sure trust for deliuerance.

10 / Ebr. Knoueth about, or is tossed to & fro: meaning that he was destitute of all helpe & counsel.

11 i Partely for feare, and partely for pride they denied all duetie and friendship.

13 k For I can haue no audience before men and therefore paciently waite for the helpe of God.

16 l That is, if they se that thou succour me not in time, they wil mocke & triumph, as thogh thou hadest forsaken me.

20 o He had rather haue the hatred of all the worlde, then to faile in anie parte of his deutie to Godward.

22 p Which art the autor of my saluation: & this declareth that he prayed with sure hope of deliuerance.

22 ! But in the end with firme confidence he commendeth his cause to God, & hopeth for spedie helpe at his hand.