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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 39

To the chief Musician, even to Jeduthun, A Psalm of David.

1 I said, I will look to my ways,

lest I sin with my tongue:

I’ll keep my mouth with bit, while I

the wicked am among.

2 With silence tied was my tongue,

my mouth I did refrain,

from speaking that thing which is good;

and stirred was my pain.

3 Mine heart within me waxed hot,

while I was musing long

enkindled in me was the fire:

then spake I with my tongue,

4 Mine end, O Lord, and my days,

let me the measure learn;

that what a momentary thing

I am I may discern.

5 Behold, thou mad’st my days a span;

mine age as nought to thee:

surely each man at’s best estate

is wholly vanity. Selah.

6 Sure in a vain show walketh man:

sure stir’d in vain they are:

he heaps up riches and knows not

who shall the same gather.


7 And now, O Lord, what wait I for?

my hope is upon thee.

8 Free me from all my trespasses:

the fools scorn make not me.

9 I was dumb nor op’ned my mouth;

this done because thou hast.

10 Remove thy stroke away from me:

by thy hands blow I waste.

11 When with rebukes thou dost correct

man for iniquity,

thou blasts his beauty like a moth:

sure each man ’s vanity. Selah.

12 Hear my pray’r, Lord, hark to my cry;

be not still at my tears:

for stranger, and pilgrim with thee,

I’ me, as all my fathers.

13 O turn aside a while from me,

that I may strength recall,

before I do depart from hence,

and be no more at all.