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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 38

A Psalm of David, to bring to remembrance.

1 LORD, in thy wrath rebuke me not:

nor in thy hot rage chasten me.

2 Because thine hand doth press me sore,

and in me thy shafts fastened be.

3 There is no soundness in my flesh

because thine anger I am in;

nor is there any rest within

my bones by reason of my sin.

4 Because that mine iniquities

ascended are above my head:

like as an heavy burden they

to heavy upon me are laid.

5 My wounds stink and corrupt they be

my foolishness doth make it so.

6 I troubled am; and much bow’d down;

all the day long I mourning go.

7 For with foul sores my loins are fill’d:

and in my flesh is no soundness.

8 I’m weak and broken sore: I roar’d

because of my heart’s restlessness.

9 All my desire’s before thee, Lord;

nor is my groaning hid from thee.

10 My heart doth pant, my strength me fails:

and mine eyesight is gone from me.


11 My friends and lovers from my sore

stand off; off stand my kinsmen eke.

12 And they lay snares that seek my life:

that seek my hurt they mischief speak,

and all day long imagine guile.

13 But, as one deaf, I did not hear;

and as a dumb man I became

as if his mouth not open were.

14 Thus was I as man that hears not,

and in whose mouth reproofs none were.

15 Because, O Lord, in thee I hope:

O Lord my God, thou wilt me hear.

16 For said I, lest or’e me they joy:

when my foot slips, they vaunt the more

17 themselves ‘gainst me. For I to halt

am near; my grief’s still me before.

18 For my transgression I’ll declare;

I for my sins will sorry be.

19 But yet my lively foes are strong:

who falsely hate me multiply.

20 Moreover they that do repay

evil instead of good to me;

because I follow what is good

to me they adversaries be.

21 Jehovah, do not me forsake:

my God, O do not far depart

22 from me. Make hast unto mine aid,

O Lord who my salvation art.