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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 40

1 ! Dauid deliuered from great danger, doeth magnifie and praise the grace of God for his deliuerance, & commendeth his prouidence towards all mankinde.

1 a Thogh God differred his helpe, yet he paciently abode, til he was heard.

2 b He hathe deliuered me from moste great dangers.

3 c That is, a special occasion to praise him: for Gods benefites are so manie occasions for vs to praise his Name.

4 d To follow their example, which he must nedes do, that trusteth not onely in the Lord.

5 e Dauid goeth from one kinde of Gods fauour to the contemplation of his prouidence ouer all & confesseth that his counsels towards vs are farre aboue our capacities: we can not so much as tel them in ordre.

5 ! Then doeth he promise to giue him self wholly to Gods seruice & so declareth how God is truly worship.

6 f Thou hast opened mine cares to vnderstand the spiritual meaning of the sacrifices: and here Dauid estemeth the ceremonies of the Law nothing in respect of the spiritual seruice.

7 g When thou hadest opened mine eares & heart, I was readie to obei thee, being assured that I was written in the boke of thine elect for this end.

9 h In the Churches, assembled in the Sanctuarie.

10 i Dauid here nombreth 3 degrees of our saluacion: Gods mercie, whereby he pitieth vs: his righteousnes, which signifieth his continual protection, and his trueth, whereby appeareth his constant fauour, so that hereof procedeth our saluation.

12 k As touching the judgement of the flesh, I was vtterly destitute of all counsel: yet faith inwardly moued mine heart to praye.

14 ! Afterward he giueth thankes & praiseth God, & hauing complained of his enemies, with good courage he calleth for aide and succour.

14 l He desireth that Gods mercie may contend for him against the rage of his enemies.

15 m Let the same shame, and confusion light vpon them, which they intended to haue broght vpon me.

16 n As the faithful alwayes praise God for his benefites: so the wicked mocke Gods children in their afflictions.