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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 41

9 g As Dauid felt this falshod, and as it was chiefly accomplished in Christ, {John 13,8}, so shal his members continually, proue the same.

9 / Ebr. The man of my peace.

12 i Shewing me euident signes of thy Fatherlie prouidence.

12 h Meaning, ether in prosperitie of life, or in the true feare of God against all tentations.

13 k By this repetition he stirreth vp the faith ful to praise God.

13 ! Giueth moste heartie thankes vnto God.

1 ! Dauid being grieuously afflicted, blesseth them that pitie his case

1 a Not dondemning him as accursed, whome God doeth visite, knowing that there are diuers causes, why God layeth his hand vpon vs: yea, & afterwarde he restoreth vs.

3 b When for sorow & grief of minde he casteth him self vpon his bed.

3 c Thou hast restored him in his sicke bed & sent him comfort.

5 d That is, curse me, and can not haue their cruel hate quenched, but with my shameful death.

6 e For pretending to comfort me, he conspireth my death in his heart, & braggeth thereof.

8 f The enemies thoght by his sharpe punishments that God was become his mortal enemie.

9 ! And complaineth to the treason of his owne friends & familiares, as came to passe in Judas, {John 13,18}. After he feling the great mercies of God gently chastising him, & not suffering his enemies to triumph against him,