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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 42

1 a As a treasure to be kept of them, which were of the nomber of the Leuites.

1 ! The Prophet grieuously complaineth, that being letted by his persecutors, he colde not be present in the Congregacion of Gods people, protesting that althogh he was separated in bodie from them, yet his heart was thither warde affectioned.

1 b By these similitudes of thirst & panting he sheweth his seruent desire to serue God in his Temple.

3 c As others take pleasure in eating & drinking, so he was altogether giuen to weping.

4 d That is, how I led the people to serue thee in thy Tabernacle, & now seing my contrarie estate, I dye for sorow.

5 e Thogh he susteined grieuous asslates of the flesh to cast him into despaire, yet his faith grounded on Gods accustomed mercies, getteth the victorie.

6 f That is, when I remember thee in this land of my banishment among the mountaines.

7 ! And last of all he sheweth, that he was not so farre ouercome with these sorewes & thoghts.

7 g Afflictions came so thicke vpon me, that I felt my self as ouerwhelmed: whereby he sheweth there is no end of our miserie, til God be pacified, & send remedie.

8 ! But that he continually put his confidence in the Lord.

8 h He assureth him selfe of Gods helpe in time to come.

11 k This repetition doeth declare that Dauid did not ouercome at once: to teache vs to be constant for asmuche as God wil certeinly deliuer his.