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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 42

To the chief Musician, Maschil, for the sons of Korah.

1 Like as the hart panting doth bray

after the water brooks,

even in such wise, O God, my soul

after thee panting looks.

2 For God, even for the living God,

my soul it thirsteth sore:

oh when shall I come and appear

the face of God before?

3 My tears have been unto me meat

by night also by day,

while all the day they unto me,

Where is thy God? do say.

4 When as I do in mind record

these things, then me upon

I do my soul out pour: for I

with multitude had gone,

with them unto God’s house I went,

with voice of joy and praise,

I with a multitude did go

that did keep holy days.

5 My soul, why art cast down? and art

stirr’d in me? thy hope place

in God: for yet him praise I shall

for the help of his face.


6 My God, my soul in me’s cast down:

therefore thee mind I will

from Jordan’s, and Hermonites’ land,

and from the little hill.

7 At the noise of thy water spouts

deep unto deep doth call:

thy waves they are gone over me,

also thy billows all.

8 His loving kindness yet the Lord

command will in the day,

and in the night his song with me,

to my life’s God I’ll pray.

9 I unto God will say, My rock,

why hast thou forgot me?

why go I sad by reason of

pressure of th’ enemy?

10 As with a sword within my bones,

my foes reproach me do;

while all the day, Where is thy God?

they do say me unto.

11 My soul, O wherefore dost thou bow

thyself down heavily?

and wherefore in me makest thou

a stir tumultuously?

hope thou in God: because I shall

with praise him yet advance,

who is my God; also he is

health of my countenance.