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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 43

1 Judge me, O God, and plead my cause

from nation merciless:

from the guileful and man unjust

O send thou me redress.

2 For of my strength thou art the God:

why cast’s thou me thee fro’?

why go I mourning for the sore

oppression of the foe?

3 Thy light O send out and thy truth:

let them lead; and bring me

unto thy holy hill, and where

thy tabernacles be.

4 Then will I to God’s altar go,

to God my joy’s gladness:

upon the harp, O God my God,

I will thy praise express.

5 My soul, O wherefore dost thou bow

thyself down heavily?

and wherefore in me makest thou

a stir tumultuously?
hope thou in God: because I shall

with praise him yet advance,

who is my God; also he is

health of my countenance.