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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 26

1 a He fleeth to God to be the Judge of his just cause, seing there is no equitie among men.

1 ! Dauid oppressed with many injuries, finding no helpe in the worlde, calleth for aide from God: & assured of his integritie toward Saul, desireth God to be his judge, & to defend his innocencie.

2 b My very affections & inward motions of the heart.

3 c He sheweth what stayed him, that he did not recompence euil for euil.

4 d He declareth that thei can not walke in simplicitie before God, that delite in the companie of the vngodlie.

6 e I wil serue thee with a pure affections, and with the godlie that sacrifice vnto thee.

6 ! Finally he maketh mencion of his sacrifice, which he wil offre for his deliuerance, & desireth to be in the companie of the faithful in the congregacion of God, whence he was banished by Saul, promising integritie of life, & open praises & thankesgiueing.

9 f Destroye me not in the ouerthrowe of the wicked.

10 g Whose cruel hands do execuse the malicious deuises of their heart.

11 h I am preserued from mine enemies by the power of God, and therefore wil praise him openly.