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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 25

1 ! The Prophet touched with the consideration of his sinnes, and also grieued with the cruel malice of his enemies.

1 a I put not my trust in anie worldelie thing.

2 b That thou I wilt take awaie mine enemies, which are thy rods.

4 c Reteine me in the faith of thy promes, that I swerue not on any side.

6 ! Prayeth to God most feruently to haue his sinnes forgiuen,

7 ! Especially suche as he had committed in his youth. He beginneth euerie verse according to the Ebrewe letters two or thre except.

7 e He confesseth that his manifolde sinnes were the cause that his enemies did thus persecute him desireing that the cause of the euil may be taken awaie, to the intent, that the effect may cease.

9 g He wil gouerne & conforte them that are truly humbled for their sinnes.

12 k He wil direct such with his Spirit to followe the right waie.

12 i Meaning, the nomber is very small.

13 l He shal prosper bothe in spiritual and corporal things.

14 m His counsel conteined in his worde, whereby he declareth that he is the protector of the faithful.

17 n My grief is increased because of mine enemies crueltie.

19 o The greater that his afflictions were & the more that his enemies increased, the more nere felt he Gods helpe.

21 p For as muche as I haue behaued my slefe vprightly toward mine enemies, let them knowe that thou art the defender of my juste cause.