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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 24

1 ! Albeit the Lord God hathe made and gouerneth all the worlde, yet towards his chosen people his gracious goodnes doeth moste abundantly appeare, in that among them he wil haue his dwelling place. Which thogh it was appointed among the children of Abraham, yet onely thei do entre aright into this Sanctuarie, which are the true worshipers of God, purged from the sinful filth of this worlde.

2 a He noteth two things: the one that the earth to mans judgement semeth aboue the waters: & next, that God miraculously preserueth the earth, that it is not drowned with the waters, which naturally are aboue it.

6 b Thogh circumcision separatethe carnal sede of Jaakob from the Gentils, yet he that seketh God, is the true Jaakob & the verie Israelite.

7 c Dauid desireth the buylding vp of the Temple, wherein the glorie of God shulde appeare, and vnder the figure of this Temple he also prayeth for the spiritual Temple, which is eternal, because of the promes which was made to the Temple, as is writen, {Psal. 132, 14}.

7 ! Finally he magnifieth God's grace for the buylding of the Temple, to the end he might stirre vp all the faithful to the true seruice of God.