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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 27

1 a Because he was assured of good successe in all his dangers, and that his saluation was surely laid vpoin God, he feared not the tyranie of his enemies.

1 ! Dauid maketh this psalme being deliuered from great perils, as appeareth by the praises and thankesgiuing annexed

3 b That God wil deliuer me, & giue my faith the victorie.

4 c The losse of countrie, wife & all worldely commodities greue me not in respect of this one thing that I may not praise thy Name in the mides of the Congregacion.

6 d Dauid assured him selfe by the Spirit of prophecie that he shulde ouercome his eneies and serue God in his Tabernacle.

6 ! Wherein we may se the constant faith of Dauid against the assaltes of all his enemies.

7 ! And also the end wherefore he desireth to liue and to be deliuered, onely to worship God in his Congregation.

8 e He groundeth vpon Gods promes & sheweth that he is most willing to obey his commandement.

10 f He magnifieth Gods loue towards his, which farre passeth the most tender loue of parents towards their children.

12 g But ether pacifie their wrath, or bridel their rage.

13 h In this present life before I dye, as {Isa. 38,11}

14 i He exhorteth him slef to depende on the Lord, seing he neuer failed in his promises.