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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 26

A psalm of david.

1 JUdge me, o Lord, for I have walk’t

in mine integrity:

and I have trusted in the Lord,

therefore slide shall not I.

2 Examine me, Lord, and me prove;

my reins, and my heart try.

3 For thy grace is before mine eyes;

and in thy truth walk I.

4 I sat not with vain men, nor go

with men themselves that hide.

5 Evil men’s company I hate:

nor will with vile abide.

6 In cleanness, Lord, I’ll wash mine hands,

so I’ll thine altar round:

7 That I may preach with thankful-voice,

and all thy praises sound.

8 The habitation of thy house,

Lord, dearly love do I,

the place and tabernacle of

thy glorious majesty.

9 My soul with sinners gather not,

with men of blood my life.

10 In whose hand ‘s guile, in whose right hand

bribery is full rise.

11 Redeem, and pity me; for I’ll

walk in mine uprightness.

12 My foot stands right: in th’ assembly

I will Jehovah bless.