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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 19

1 ! To the intent he might moue the faithful to a deeper consideration of Gods glorie, he setteth before their eyes the moste exquisite workemanship of the heauens with their proportion, and ornaments

1 a He reprocheth vnto man his ingratitude, seing the heauens, which are dumme creatures, set forthe Gods glorie.

2 b The continual successe of the daye & the night is sufficient to declare Gods power and goodnes.

3 c The heauens are a scholemaster to all nations, be they neuer so barbarous.

4 d The heauens are as a line of great capital letters to shewe vnto vs Gods glorie.

5 e Or, vaile. The maner was that the bride and bridegrome shuld stand vnder a vaile together, & after come forthe that great solemnitie, and rejoycing of the assemblie.

7 f Thogh the creatures can not serue, yet this oght to be sufficient to lead vs unto him.

8 ! And afterward calleth them to the Law, wherein God hathe reueiled him self more familiarly to his chosen people. The which peculiar grace by commending the Law he setteth forthe more at large.

9 g So that all mans inuentions and intentions are lies.

9 k For God accepteth our indeuour thogh it be farre vnperfite.

9 h Euerie one without exception.

10 i Except Gods worde be estemed aboue all wordelie things, it is contemned.

12 l Then there is no rewarde of deutie, but of Grace: for where sinne is, there death is the rewarde.

13 n If thou suppresse my wicked affections by think holie Spirit.

13 m Which are done purposly and of malice.

14 o That I may obey thee in thoght, worde and dede.