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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 19

To the chief musician a psalm of David.

1 THe heavens do declare

the majesty of God:

also the firmament shows forth

his handy-work abroad.

2 Day speaks to day, knowledge

night hath to night declar’d.

3 There neither speech nor language is,

where their voice is not heard.

4 Through all the earth their line

is gone forth, and unto

the utmost end of all the world,

their speeches reach also:

A Tabernacle he

in them pitch’t for the Sun.

5 Who Bridegroom like from’s chamber goes

glad Giants-race to run.

6 From heavens utmost end,

his course and compassing;

to ends of it, and from the heat

thereof is hid nothing.


7 The Lords law perfect is,

the soul converting back:

Gods testimony faithful is,

makes wise who-wisdom-lack.

8 The statutes of the Lord,

are right, and glad the heart:

the Lords commandement is pure,

light doth to eyes impart.

9 Jehovah’s fear is clean,

and doth endure for ever:

the judgments of the Lord are true,

and righteous altogether.

10 Then gold, then much fine gold,

more to be prized are,

then honey, and the honey-comb,

sweeter they are by far.

11 Also thy servant is

admonished from hence:

and in the keeping of the same

is a full recompence.

12 Who can his errors know?

from secret faults cleanse me.

13 And from presumptuous-sins, kept back

o let thy servant be:

Let them not bear the rule

in me, and then shall I

be perfect, and shall cleansed be

from much iniquity.

14 Let the words of my mouth,

and the thoughts of my heart,

be pleasing with thee, Lord, my Rock

who my redeemer art.