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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 20

1 a Hereby Kings are also admonished to call to God in their affaires.

1 ! A prayer of the people vnto God that it wolde please him to heare their King & receiue his sacrifice, which he offred before he went to battel against the Ammonites.

5 d Granted to the King, in whose wealth our felicitie standeth.

6 f As by the visible Sanctuarie Gods familiaritie appeared toward his people, so by the heauenlie is ment his power & majestie.

6 e The Church feeleth that God hathe heard their petition.

8 g The worldelings that put not their onely trust in God.

9 h Let the King be able to deliuer vs by thy strength, when we seke vnto him for succour.