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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 21

1 a When he shal ouercome his enemies, and so be assured of his vocation.

2 ! Dauid in the person of the people praiseth God forthe victorie, attributing it to God, and not to the strength of man. Wherein the holie Gost directeth the faithful to Christ, who is the perfection of this kingdome.

3 b Thou declaredst thy liberal fauour toward him before he praied.

4 c Dauid did not onely obteine life, but also assurance that his posteritie shulde reigne for euer.

6 d Thou has made him thy blessings to tohers, & a perpetual example of thy fauour for euer.

8 e Here he describeth the power of Christs kingdome against the enemies thereof.

9 f This teacheth vs paciently to endure the crosse til God destroye the aduersarie.

11 g Thei laied as it were their nets to make Gods power to giue place to their wicked enterprises.

13 i Mainteine thy Church against thine aduersaries, that we may haue ample occasion to praise they name.