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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 18

1 ! This Psalme is the first beginning of his gratulacion, and thankesgiuing in the entring into his kingdome, wherein he extolleth & praiseth moste highly the maruelous mercies and grace of God who hathe thus preserued and defended him.

2 a He vseth this deuersitie of names, to showe that as the wicked haue many meanes to hurt, so God hathe manie waies to helpe.

3 b For none can obteine their requests of God, that joyne not his glorie with their petition.

4 c He speaketh of the dangers and malice of his enemies, from the which God had deliuered him.

7 d A description of the wrath of God against his enemies after he had heard his prayers.

8 e He sheweth how horrible Gods judgements shalbe to the wicked.

9 f Darknes signifieth the wrath of God as the cleare light signifieth Gods fauour.

11 h As a King angrie with the people, wil not shew him slef vnto them.

15 l That is, the depe bottoms were sene, when the red Sea was deuided.

17 n To wit, Saul.

19 p The cause of Gods deliuerance is his onelie fauour & loue to vs.

20 q Dauid was sure of his righteous cause and behauiour towarde Saul & his enemies, & therefore was assured of Gods fauour & deliuerance.

22 r For all his dangers he excercised him self in the Law of God.

23 s I nether gaue place to their wicked tentations, nor to mine owne afflections.

25 t Here he speaketh of God according to our capacitie, who sheweth mercie to his & punisheth the wicked, as is said also {Leuit. 26,21}

27 u When their sinne is come to the ful measure.

29 x He attributeth it to God that he bothe gate the victorie in the feld & also destroyed the cities of his enemies.

30 y Be the dangers neuer so manie or great, yet Gods promes must take effect.

32 z He giueth good successe to all mine enterprises.

32 ! Also, he setteth forthe the image of Christs kingdome, that the faithful may be assured that Christ shal alwayes conquer & ouercome by the vnspeakeable power of his Father, thogh all the whole worlde shulde striue there against.

33 a As towres and fortes, which he toke out of the hands of Gods enemies.

35 c He attributeth the beginning, continuance & increase in weldoing onely to Gods fauour.

37 d Dauid declareth that he did nothing besides his vocation, but was stirred vp by Gods Spirit to execute his judgement.

40 e Thou hast giuen them into mine hands to be slaine.

41 f Thei that reject the crye of the afflicted, God wil also reject them when thei crye for helpe: for ether peine or feare cause those bypocrites to crye.

43 h The kingdome of Christ is in Dauids kingdome prefigured: who by the preaching of his worde bringeth all to his subjection.

44 i Or, lye: signifying a subjection constrained & not voluntarie.

45 k Feare shal cause them to be afraied & come forthe of their secret holes & holdes to seke pardon.

48 l That is, Saul, who of malice persecuted him.

49 m This prophecie apperteineth to the kingdome of Christ, and vocation of the Gentiles, as {Rom. 15,9}

50 n This did not properly apperteine to Salomon, but to Jesus Christ.