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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 7

1 / Or accusation.

1 ! Being falsely accused by Chush one of Sauls kinsmen, he calleth to God to be his defender.

2 a He desireth God to deliuer him from the rage of cruel Saul.

4 c If I reuerenced not Saul for affinities sake & preserued his life, {1. Sam. 26,8}

5 d Let me not onely dye, but be dishonored for euer.

7 f Not onely for mine, but for thy Church sake declare thy power.

8 g As touching my behauiour toward Saul & ruine enemies.

9 ! First shewing that his conscience did not accuse him of anie euil toward Saul.

9 h Thogh they pretend a juste cause against me, yet God shal judge their hypocrisie.

10 ! Next that it touched Gods glorie to awarde sentence against the wicked.

11 i He doeth continually call the wicked to repentance by some signes of his judgements.

12 k Except Saul turne his minde, I dye: for he hath bothe men and weapons to destroy me, Thus considering his great danger, he magnifieth Gods grace.

12 ! And so entring into the consideration of Gods mercies and promes, he waxeth bolde and derideth the vaine enterprises of his enemies.

12 l In keping faithfully his promes with me.

16 ! Threatening that it shal fall on their owne necke that which they haue purposed for others.