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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 8

1 ! The Prophet considering the excellent liberalitie and fatherlie prouidence of God towards man, whome he made, as it were a god ouer all his workes, doeth not onely giue great thankes, but is astonished with the admiration of the same, as one nothing able to compasse suche great mercies.

1 / Or, kinde of instrument, or tune.

1 / Or, noble or maruelous.

2 a Thogh the wicked wolde hide Gods praises, yet the very babes are sufficient witnesses of the same.

2 / Or, established.

2 / Or, confunde.

4 b It had bene sufficient for him to haue set forthe his glorie by the heauens, thogh he had not come so low as to man, which is but dust.

7 d By the temporal gifts of mans creation he is led to consider the benefites which he hathe by his regeneration though Christ.