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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 9

1 ! After he had giuen thankes to God for the sundrie victories that he had sent him against his enemies, and also proued by manifolde experience how readie God was at hand in all his troubles.

1 / Or, kind of instrument, or tune: or for the death of Labben or Goliath.

1 a God is not praised, except the whole glorie be giuen to him alone.

4 b Howsoeuer the enemie seme for a time to preuaile, yet God preserueth the just.

6 c A derision of the enemie, that mindeth nothing but destruction: but the Lord wil deliuer his, & bring him into judgement.

9 d Our miseries are meanes to cause vs to fele Gods present care ouer vs.

12 e Thogh God reuengeth not sodenly the wrong done to his, yet he suffreth not the wicked vnpunished.

14 ! He being now like wise in danger of newe enemies, desireth God to helpe him according to his wonte,

15 g For God ouerthroweth the wicked in their entreprises.

16 h The mercie of God toward his Saints must be declared, & the fall of the wicked must alwaies be considered.

17 ! And to destroy the malicious arrogancie of his aduersaries.

18 i God promiseth not to helpe vs before we haue felt the crosse.

20 k Which thei can not learne without the feare of thy judgement.