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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 6

1 ! When Dauid by his sinnes had prouoked Gods wrath, and now felt not onely his hand against him, but also conceiued the horrors of death euerlasting, he desireth forgiuenes.

1 a Thogh I deserue destruction, yet let thy mrcie pitie my frailtie.

3 c His conscience is also touched with the feare of Gods judgement.

5 d He lamenteth that occasion shulde be taken from him to praise God in the Congregation.

6 ! Be wailing that if God toke him awaie in his indignation, he shulde lacke occasion to praise him as he was wunt to do whiles he was among men.

8 e God sendeth comfort and boldnes in affliction, that we may triumphe ouer our enemies.

9 ! Then suddenly feling Gods mercie, he sharpely rebuketh his enemies which rejoyced in his affliction.

10 f When the wicked thinke that the godlie shal perish, God deliuereth them suddenly and destroyeth their enemies.