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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 5

1 ! Dauid oppressed with the crueltie of his enemies, and fearing greater dangers, calleth to God for sucour, shewing how requisite it is that God shulde punish the malice of his aduersaries.

1 a That is, my vehement praier and secret complaint & sighings.

1 / Or, a musical instrument or tune.

4 c Seing that God of nature hateth wickednes, he must nedes punish the wicked & saue the godlie.

5 d Which runne moste ragingly after their carnal affections.

7 ! After being assured of prosperous success, he conceiueth comfort

7 e In the deepest of his tentations he putteth his ful confidence in God.

8 f Because you art just, therefore lead me out of the dangers of mine enemies.

10 / Or, cause them to erre.

11 h Thy fauours towarde me shal confirme the faith of all others.

12 ! Concluding that when God shal deliuer him, others also shal be partakers of the same mercies.

12 / Or, giue good successe.

12 i So that he shal be safe from all dangers.