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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 5

To the chief Musician upon Nehiloth, a Psalm of David.

1 Hear thou my words and understand

my meditation, Jehovah.

2 My King, my God, attend the voice

of my cry: for to thee I pray.

3 At morn, Jehovah, thou shalt hear

my voice; to thee I will address

4 at morn I will looked up. For thou

art not a God lov’st wickedness:

neither shall evil with thee dwell.

5 Vain glorious fools before thine eyes

shall never stand: for thou hatest

all them that work iniquities.

6 Thou wilt bring to destruction

the speakers of lying-falsehood,

the Lord will make to be abhor’d

the man deceitful and of blood.

7 But I will come into thine house

in multitude of thy mercy:

and will in fear of thee bow down,

in temple of thy sanctity.

8 Lead me forth in thy righteousness

because of mine observing spies;

O Jehovah, do thou thy ways

make straight and plain before mine eyes

9 For there no truth is in his mouth;

their inward part iniquities;

their throat an open sepulchre;

their tongue is bent to flatteries.

10 O God, make thou them desolate;

from their own plots let them fall far;

cast them out in their heaps of sins;

for they against thee rebels are.

11 And all that trust in thee shall joy

and shout for joy eternally,

and thou shalt them protect: and they

that love thy name shall joy in thee.

12 For thou, Jehovah, wilt bestow

a blessing on the righteous one;

and wilt him crown as with a shield

with gracious acceptation.