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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 5

Psalm 5: Give ear unto my words, O Lord

To the chief Musician, upon Nehiloth, A Psalm of David.

Meter: C.M. (8,6,8,6)

1 Give ear unto my words, O Lord, my meditation weigh. 2 Hear my loud cry, my King, my God; for I to thee will pray.

3 Lord, thou shalt early hear my voice: I early will direct My pray’r to thee; and, looking up, an answer will expect.

4 For thou art not a God that doth in wickedness delight; Neither shall evil dwell with thee, 5 Nor fools stand in thy sight.

All that ill-doers are thou hat’st; 6 Cutt’st off that liars be: The bloody and deceitful man abhorred is by thee.

7 But I into thy house will come in thine abundant grace; And I will worship in thy fear toward thy holy place.

8 Because of those mine enemies, Lord, in thy righteousness Do thou me lead; do thou thy way make straight before my face.

9 For in their mouth there is no truth, their inward part is ill; Their throat’s an open sepulchre, their tongue doth flatter still.

10 O God, destroy them; let them be by their own counsel quell’d: Them for their many sins cast out, for they ‘gainst thee rebell’d.

11 But let all joy that trust in thee, and still make shouting noise; For them thou sav’st; let all that love thy name in thee rejoice.

12 For, Lord, unto the righteous man thou wilt thy blessing yield: With favour thou wilt compass him about, as with a shield.