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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 7

Shiggaion of David, which he sang to Jehovah, upon the words of Cush the Benjamite.

1 O LORD my God, in thee

I do my trust repose:

save and deliver me from all

my persecuting foes.

2 Lest like a lion he

my soul in pieces tear

rending asunder, while there is

not one deliverer.

3 Jehovah O my God,

if this thing done have I:

if so there be within my hands

wrongful iniquity;

4 If I required ill

the man with me a peace;

(yea I have him delivered

that was my foe causeless:)

5 Let foe pursue my soul,

and take, and tread to clay

my life, and honor in the dust

there let him wholly lay.

6 Arise, Lord, in thy wrath

for th’ enemies fierceness

be thou lift up and wake to me

judgment thou did’st express.

7 So thee encompass round

shall peoples assembly:

and for the same do thou return,

unto the place on high.

8 The Lord shall judge the folk:

Jehovah judge thou me.

according to my righteousness,

and mine integrity.

9 Let ill men’s malice cease;

but do the just confirm:

for thou who art the righteous God

dost hearts and reins discern.

10 For God my shield, the right

in heart he saved hath.

11 The God that doth the righteous judge,

yet daily kindleth wrath.

12 If he does not return,

his sword he sharp will whet;

his bow he bended hath, and he

the same hath ready set.

13 For him he hath prepar’d

the instruments of death;

for them that hotly persecute

his arrows he sharpeneth.

14 Behold he travelleth

of vain iniquity

a toilsome mischief he conceiv’d,

but shall bring forth a lie.

15 A pit he digged hath,

and delved deep the same:

but fall’n he is into the ditch

that he himself did frame.

16 His mischievous labour

shall on his head turn down

and his injurious violence

shall fall upon his crown.

17 Jehovah I will praise

for his just equity:

and I will sing unto the name

of Jehovah most high.