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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 1

1 ! Whether it was Esdras , or anie other that gathered the Psalmes into a boke, it semeth he did set this Psalme first in maner of a preface, to exhort all godlie men to studie, and meditate the heauenlie wisdome. For the effect hereof is. That they beblessed, which giue them selues wholy all their life to the holy Scriptures.

1 a When a man hathe giuen once place to euil counsel, or to his owne concupiscence, he beginneth to forget him self in his sin, & so falleth in to contempt of God, which contempt is called the feat of the scorners.

3 c Gods children are so moystened euer with his grace that whatsoeuer cometh vnto them, tendeth to their saluation.

4 d Thogh the wicked seme to beare the swinge in this worlde, yet the Lord driueth them downe that thei shal not rise nor stand in the companie of the righteous.

4 ! And that the wicked contemners of God, thogh they seme for a while happie, yet at length shal come to miserable destruction.

6 f Doeth approue and prosper, like as not to knowe, is to reproue and reject.