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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 2

1 ! The Prophet Dauid rejoyceth that notwithstanding his enemies rage, yet God wil continue his kingdome for euer & aduance it euen to the end of the worlde.

1 a The conspiracie of the Gentiles, that murmuring of the Jewes, & power of Kings can not preuaile against Christ.

3 b Thus the wicked say, that they wil cast of the yoke of God & of his Christ.

5 c Gods plagues wil declare that in resisting his Christ, they soght against him.

7 d To shewe that my vocation to the kingdome is of God.

7 e That is to say, as touching mans knowledge, because it was the first time that Dauid appeared to be elected of God. So is it applied to Christ in his first comming & manifestation to the worlde.

10 ! And therefore exhorteth Kings and rulers, that they wolde humbly submit them selues vnder Gods yoke, because it is in vaine to resiste God. Herein is figured Christs kingdome.

10 g He exhorteth all rulers to repent in time.

12 i When the wicked shal say, Peace & reste, seming yet to be but in the mideway of their purposes, then shal destruction sodenly come, {2 Thessa. 5,3}