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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 1

1 O blessed man, that in th’ advice

of wicked doeth not walk:

nor stand in sinners way, nor sit

in chair of scornful folk.

2 But in the law of Jehovah,

is his longing delight:

and in his law doth meditate,

by day and eke by night.

3 And he shall be like to a tree

planted by water-rivers:

that in his season yields his fruit,

and his leaf never withers.

4 And all he doth shall prosper well.

The wicked are not so:

but they are like unto the chafe,

which wind drives to and fro.

5 Therefore shall not ungodly men

rise to stand in the doom,

nor shall the sinners with the just

in their assembly come.

6 For of the righteous men the Lord

acknowledgeth the way:

but the way of ungodly men

shall utterly decay.