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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 2

1 Why rage the Heathen furiously?

muse vain things people do.

2 Kings of the earth do set themselves,

Princes consult also

with one consent against the Lord,

and his anointed one.

3 Let us asunder break their bands,

their cords be from us thrown.

4 Who sits in heav’n shall laugh; the lord

will mock them; then will he

5 Speak to them in his ire and wrath,

and vex them suddenly.

6 But I anointed have my King

upon my holy hill

7 of Zion. The established

counsel declare I will.

God spake to me, Thou art my Son;

this day I thee begot.

8 Ask thou of me, and I will give

the Heathen for thy lot,

and of the earth thou shalt possess

the utmost coasts abroad.

9 Thou shalt them break as potter’s sherds

and crush with iron rod.

10 And now ye kings be wise, be learn’d

ye judges of th’ earth hear.

11 Serve ye the Lord with reverence,

rejoice in him with fear.

12 Kiss ye the Son, lest he be wroth,

and ye fall in the way.

when his wrath quickly burns. Oh blest

are all that on him stay.