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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 30

1 a That is, mine estate is changed, & where as before the ancient men were glad to do me reuerence, the young men, the yong men now contemne me.

1 b Meaning, to be my shepherdes, or to kepe my dogges.

1 ! Job complaineth that he is contemned of the moste contemptible.

2 c That is, their fathers dyed for famine before, they came to age.

5 d Job sheweth that these that mocked him in his affliction, were like to their fathers,wicked, and lewde fellowes, suche as he here describeth.

9 e That make songs of me, & moacke at my miserie.

11 f God, hathe taken from me the force, credit & autoritie, wherewith I kept them in subjection.

11 g He said that they yong men when they saw him, hid them selues, as {chap. 29,8}, and now in his miserie they were impudent and licencious.

11 ! Because of his aduersitie and affliction.

12 h That is, thei soght by all meanes how thei might destroy me.

14 k By my calamitie they toke an occasion against me.

21 o He speaketh not thus to accuse God, but to declare the vehemencie of his affliction, whereby he was caryed beside himself.

22 p He compareth his afflictions to a tempest, or whirle winde.

22 / Or, wisdome, or Law.

24 q None can deliuer me thence thogh they lament at my death.

28 s Not deliting in anie worldely thing, no not so muche, as in the vse of the sunne.

28 t Lamenting them that were in affliction, & mouing others to pitie them.

29 u I am like the wilde beastes that desire moste solitarie places.