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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 31

1 b Wolde not God then haue punished me?

3 c Job declareth that the feare of God was a bridel to stay him from all wickednes.

3 ! Job reciteth the innocencie of his liuing, and nomber of his vertues, which declareth what oght to be the life of the faithful.

6 d He sheweth wherein his vprightnes standeth: that is, in as muche as he was blameles before men, & sinned not against the second table.

7 e That is, hathe accomplished the lust of mine eye.

8 f According to the curse of the Law, {Deu. 28,33}

12 h He sheweth that albeit man neglect the punishement of adulterie, yet the wrath of God wil neuer cease til suche be destroyed.

13 i When they thoght them selues euil intreated by me.

14 k If I had oppressed others, how shulde I haue escaped Gods judgement?

15 l He was moued to shewe pitie vnto seruants, because they were Gods creatures as he was.

18 n He nourished the fatherles & mainteined the widowes cause.

23 q I refrained not from sinning for feare of men, but because I feared God.

26 r If I was proude of my worldelie prospertitie & felicitie, which is ment by the shining of the sunne brightenes of the moone.

28 t By putting confidence in any thing, but in him alone.

31 u My seruants moued me to be reuenged of mine enemie, yet did I neuer wish him hurt.

33 x And not confessed it frely: whereby it is euident that he justified him selfe before men and not before God.

34 y That is, I reuerenced the moste weake & contemned & was afraied to offend them.

34 z I suffred them to speake euil of me and went not out of my house to reuenge it.

35 a That is a sufficient token of my righteousnes, that God is my witnes and wil justifie my cause.

36 b Shulde not this boke of his accusations be praise & condemnation to me?

37 c I wil make him a ??? of all my life, without feare.

38 d As thogh I had with holden their wages that labored in it.

39 e Meaning, that he was no briber nor extorcioner.

40 f That is, the talke which he had with his thre friends.