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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 29

1 ! Job complaineth of the prosperitie of the time past.

3 b I was fre from affliction.

4 c That is, semed by euident tokens to be more present with me.

6 d By these similitudes he declareth the great prosperitie, that he was in, so that he had none occasion to be suche as a sinner as they accused him.

8 e Being ashamed of their lightnes, and afraied of my gravitie.

11 g All that heard me, praised me.

12 i Because his aduersaries did so much charge him with wickednes, he is compelled to rendre a counte of his life.

13 k That is, I did succour him that was in destresse, and so he had cause to praise me.

14 l I delited to do justice as others did, to weare costely apparel.

18 m That is, at home in my bed without all trouble, and vnquietnes.

24 q That is, thei thoght it not to be a jest, or thei thoght not that I wold condescend vnto them.

24 r They were afraied to offend me, and cause me to be angrie.