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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 17

2 ! Thogh he inuented no new idolatrie or impietie as others did, yet he foght for helpe at the Egyptians which God had forbidden.

4 ! And he and all his realme broght to the Assyrians

5 b For he had payed tribute for the space of eight yeres.

6 c For at this time the Medes and Persians were subject to the Assyrians.

7 d He setteth forth at length the cause of this great plague & perpetual captiuitie, to admonish all people and nacions to cleane to the Lord God, and onely worship him for feare of like judgement.

14 f So that to alledge the autoritie of our fathers or great antiquitie, except we can proue that they were godlie, is that to declare that we are the children of the wicked.

16 g That is, the sunne, the moone & starres, {Deut. 4,19}

17 i Read of this phrase, {1 King 21,20 & 25}

18 k No whole tribe was left but Judah, & thei of Benjamin & Leui, which remained, were counted with Judah.

18 ! For their idolatrie.

20 l Out of the land where he shewed the greatest tokens of his presence & fauour.

21 m That is, God cut of the ten tribes, {1 King. 12,16}

24 ! Lions destroie the Assyrians that dwelt in Samaria.

24 n Of these peoples came the Samaritans, whereof mencion is so muche made in the Gospel, & with whome the jewes wolde haue nothing to do, {Joh. 4,9}

25 o That is, thei serued him not: therefore, lest they shuld blaspheme him, as thogh there were no God, because he chastised the Israelites, he sheweth his mightie power among them by this strange punishment.

27 p That is, how to worship him: thus the wicked rather then to lose their commodities wil change to all religions.

29 ! Euerie on worshippeth the God of his nation,

30 q Meaning, that euery countrey serued that idole, which was moste estemed in that place whence they came.

33 r That is, thei had a certein knowledge of God & feared him, because of the punishment, but thei continued stil idolaters, as do the Papists, which worship bothe God & idoles: but this is not to feare God as appeareth {vers. 34}

34 s He meaneth this by the Israelites, to whome he had giuen his commandements.

41 t That is, these strangers, which were sent into Samaria by the Assyrians.