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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 16

1 a This was a wicked sonne of a godlie father, as of him agiane came godlie Ezekiah, and of him wicked Manasseh saue that God in the end shewed him mercie, thus we se how vncerteine it is to depend on the dignitie of our fathers.

3 b That is, offred him to Molech, or made him to passe betwene two fyres, as the maner of the Gentiles was, {Leu. 21,8}, {Deu. 18,10}

3 ! Ahaz King of Judah consecrateth his sonne in fyre.

5 c For the Lord preserued the citie and his people for his promes sake made to Dauid.

5 ! Jerusalem is besieged.

6 d Which citie Azariah had taken from the Aramites and fortified, it {Chap. 14,22}

7 e Contrary to the admonition of the Prophet, Isa. {Isa. 7,4}

8 f Thus he spared not to spoile the Temple of God to haue succour of men, and wolde not once lift his heart toward God to desire his helpe, nor yet heare his Prophetes counsel.

11 g We se that there is no price so wicked, but he shal finde flatteres & false ministers to serue his turne.

12 h Ether offrings fr peace or prosperitie, or of thankes giuing as {Leu 3,1}, or els meaning the morning and euening offring, {Exod. 29,38}, {Nom 28,3}; and thus he contemned the meanes and that altar which God had commanded by Salomon, to serue God after his owne fantasie.

14 i That is, at the right hand as men went into the Temple.

15 k Here he establisheth by commandement his owne wicked procedings, & doeth abolish the commandement & ordinance of God.

18 l Or tent, wherin they lay on the Sabbath which had serued their weeke in the Temple and so departed home.

18 m Ether to flatter the King of Assyria, when he shulde thus se him change the ordinace of God, or els that the Temple might be a refuge for him if the King shulde sodenly assaile his house.