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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 18

2 a Althogh thei of Judah were giuen to idolatrie and impietie, as thei of Israel were, yet God for his promes sake was merciful vnto the throne of Dauid: & yet by his judgement towarde the other prouoked them to repentance.

4 b That is, a piece of brasse: thus he calleth the serpent by contempt, which notwithstanding was set vp by the worde of God, & miracles were wroght by it: yet when it was abused to idolatrie, this good Kind destroyed it, not thinking it worthie to be called a serpent, but a piece of brass.

4 ! Ezekiah King of Judah putteth downe the brasen serpent, & destroyeth the idoles.

14 d As his zeale was before praised, so his weakenes is here set forth that none shulde glorie in him selfe.

17 e After certeine yeres when Hezekiah ceased to send the tribute appointed by the King of Assyrians, he sent his captaines & armie against him.

20 f Thou thinkest that wordes wil serue to persuade thy people, or to moue my master.

21 g Egypt shal not onely be able not to succour thee, but shalbe an hurt vnto thee.

22 h Thus the idolaters thinke that Gods religion is destroyed, when supersticion & idolatrie are reformed.

23 i Meaning that is was best for him to yelde to the King of Assyria, because its power was so smal that he had not men to fournish two thousand horses.

25 k The wicked alwayes in their prosperitie flatter them sleues that God doeth fauour them. Thus he speaketh to feare Ezekiah that by resisting him, he shulde resist God.

31 / Ebr. blessing: meaning the condisions of peace.

32 l He maketh himself so sure, that he wil not grant them truce, except they rendre them sleues to him to be led away captiues.

35 m This is an execrable blasphemie against the true God, to make him equal with the idoles of other nacions: therefore God did moste sharpely punish it.