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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 19

2 a To heare some newe prophecie and to haue comforte of him.

3 b The dangers are so great that we can nether auenge this blasphemie, nor helpe our selues, no more then a woman in her trauel.

4 c Meaning for Jerusalem which onely remained of all the cities of Judah.

6 ! God promiseth by Isaiah victorie to Hezekiah.

7 d The Lord can with one blast blowe away all the strength of man and turne it into dust.

9 f For the Kings of Ethiopia & Egypt joyned together against the King of Assyria because of his oppression of other countreys.

9 e That is, Saneherib.

9 / Or, blacke Mores.

10 g The more nere that the wicked are to their destruction, the more they blaspheme.

15 i He sheweth what is the true refuge & succour in all dangers, to wit, to flee to the Lord by ernest prayer.

16 l By this title he discerneth God from all idoles and false gods.

16 k Shew by effect that thou wilt not suffer thy Name to be Blasphemed.

19 m He sheweth for what end the faithful desire of God to be deliuered: to wit, that he may be glorified by their deliuerance.

21 n Because as yet, Jerusalem had not bene taken by the enemie, therefore he calleth her virgine.

22 o God counteth that iniurie done to him, and wil reuenge it which is done to anie of his Saints.

23 p Meaning Jerusalem, which Isaiah calleth the hight of his borders, to wit, of Judah, {Isa. 37:24}

23 / Or, pleasant countrey.

23 / Or, the waters of cities besieged.

25 q He declareth that for as muche as he is the autor and beginning of his Church, he wil neuer suffer it vtterly to be destroyed, as other cities and kingdomes.

26 r Thus he describeth the wicked, which for a time florish, and afterwarde fade and decay like flowres.

28 s I wil bridel thy rage and turne thee to & fro as pleaseth me.

29 t God did not onely promes him the victorie, but giueth him a signe to confirm his faith.

30 u The Lord wil multiplie in great nomber that small remnant of Judah that is escaped.

31 x The loue, that God beareth toward his Church, shal ouercome the counsels and enterprises of men.

35 ! The Angel of the Lord killeth an hundreth and four score and fiue thousand men of the Assyrians.

37 y This was the juste judgement of God for his blasphemie, that he shulde be slaine before that idole, whome he preferred to the liuing God, & by them by whome he oght by nature to haue bene defended.