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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 20

1 ! Hezekiah is sicke and receyueth the signe of his health.

3 c Not so muche for his owne death, as for feare that idolatrie shulde be restored which he had destroyed, and so Gods Name be dishonored.

3 b Meaning, without all hypocrisie.

5 d Because of his vnfained repentance & prayer God turned away his wrath.

7 f He declareth that albeit God can heale without other medecines, yet he sheweth that he wil not haue these inferior meanes contemned.

10 g Let the sunne go so manie degrees backe that the houres may be so manie the fewer in the Kings dial.

11 h Which dial was set in the top of the stayres that Ahaz had made.

12 i Moued with the fauour that God shewed to Hezekiah & also because he had declared him selfe enemie to Saneherib his enemie which was now destroied.

13 ! Sheweth his treasures, and is reprehended of Isaiah.

13 k Being moued with ambition and vaine glorie, & also because he semed to rejoyce in the friendship of him that was Gods enemies & an infidele.

19 l He acknowledgeth Isaiah to be the true Prophet of God, and therefore humbleth him selfe to his worde.

19 m Seing that God hathe shewed me this fauour to grant me quietnes during my life: for he was afraied lest the enemies hsulde haue had occasion to rejoyce, if the Church had decaied in his time because he had restored religion.

22 ! He dyeth and Manasseh his sonne reigneth in his steade.