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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 5

1 ! Moses is the meane betwene God and the people.

1 / Ebr. I speake in your eares.

3 a Some read, God made not this couenant, that is, in suche ample sort & with suche signes and wonders.

4 b So plainely that you nede not to doute thereof.

6 / Or, seruants.

7 c God bindeth vs to serue him onely, without supersticion and idolatrie.

9 d That is, of his honour, not permitting it to be giuen it to other.

10 e The first degre to kepe the commandements is, to loue God.

13 f Meaning, since God permitteth six daies to our labours, that we oght wilingly to dedicat the seuenth to serue him wholy.

16 g Not for a shewe, but with true obedience, and due reuerence.

21 h He speaketh not onely on the resolute wil, but that there be no motion or affection.

22 i teaching vs by his example to content with his worde, and adde nothing thereto.

29 k He requireth of vs nothing but obedience, shewing also that of our selues we are vnwiling thereunto.

29 ! The Lord wisheth that the people wolde feare him.

32 m As by obedience, God giueth vs all felecitie: so disobeying God precede all our miseries.

32 l Ye, shal nether adde nor diminishe.

32 ! They must nether decline to the right hand nor left.