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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 6

1 ! An exhortation to feare God, and kepe his commandements.

1 / Or, judgements.

2 a A reuerent feare and loue of God, is the first beginning to kepe Gods commandements.

3 b Which hathe abundance of all things apperteining to mans life.

7 c Some read, you shalt whet them vpon thy children: to wit, that they may printe them more depely in memorie.

9 d That when you entrest in, thou maiest remember them.

12 e Let not welthe and ease cause thee forget Gods mercies, whereby thou wast deliuered out of miserie.

13 f We must feare God, serue him onely, and confesse his Name, which is done by swearing lawfully.

16 g By douting of his power, refusing lawful meanes, & abusing his graces.

16 ! Not to tempt God.

18 h Here he condemneth all mans good intentions.

20 i God requireth not onely that we serueth him all our life, but also that we take paine that our posteritie may set forthe his glorie.

23 k Nothing oght to moue vs more to true obedience then the great benefites which we haue receiued of God.

25 l But because none colde fully obey the lawe, we must haue our recours to Christ to be justified by faith.

25 ! Righteousnes is conteined in the Lawe.