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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 7

1 ! The Israelites may make no couenant with the Gentiles.

5 b God wolde haue his seruice pure without all idolatrous ceremonies and superstitions.

8 ! The election dependeth on the fre loue of God.

8 c Frely, finding no cause in you more then in others so to do.

12 f This couenant is grounded vpon his fre grace: therefore in recompensing their obedience he hathe respect to his mercie & not to their merites.

16 g We oght not to be merciful where God commandeth serueritie.

19 ! The experience of the power of God oght to confirme vs.

19 / Or, plagues, with trials, as {Chap. 29,3, exod.15:28 & 16,4}.

20 h There is not so smale a creature, which I wil not arme to fight on thy side against them.

22 i So, that it is your commoditie that God accomplish not his promes so sone as you wolde wish.

25 ! To auoide all occasion of idolatrie.