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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 8

1 a Shewing that it is not ynough to heare the worde, except we expresse it by example of life.

1 ! God humbleth the Israelites to trie what they haue in their hearts.

2 b Which is declared in aflictions, ether by pacience, or by grudging against Gods visitation.

3 c Man liueth not by meat, but by the power of God, which giueth it strength to nourish vs.

5 e So that his afflictions are signes of his fartherly loue towarde vs.

10 g For to receiue Gods benefites, & not to be thankful, is to contemne God in them.

14 h By attributing Gods benefites to thine owne wisdome & labour, or to good fortune.

14 ! The heart oght not to be proude for God benefites.

18 i If things concerning this life procede onely of Gods mercie: muche more spiritual gifts & life euerlasting.

19 ! The forgetfulnes of Gods benefites causeth destruction.

19 k Or, take to witnes the heauen & the earth, as {Chap. 4,26}